Posted on 02/11/2012 10:56 by Louise. Posted in Croft House Life


This is such a fantastic time of year – the chilly dark nights may be upon us here in the North of Scotland but for weeks now the sky has had the occasional glorious shower of sparkle as a firework goes off in the distance.  It can’t help but lift the spirits.  When I was younger I remember this was always the build-up to a fantastic firework display on the 5th November, Guy Fawkes Night.  We would stand around the bonfire’s fiery glow to keep warm while writing our names in the air with sparklers.  Later we would have a warming mug of homemade potato soup to take off the chill. An essential part of this evening had to be the hat, gloves and scarves as without them the shine could be taken off the night due to an early finish.  Here at the croft house we have a great range to choose from for all the family – from the softest Scottish cashmere to cosy sheepskin.  Make sure your family is prepared this Guy Fawkes Night and that everyone enjoys the fun!