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love your clothes - sustainable fashion

When I started The Croft House 6 years ago, I had a very clear vision of the ethics behind the business. All these factors are based on the principals we now know as sustainable, slow or ethical fashion.

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I'm sure most of us have come across the Danish concept of Hygge although we may not know it's meaning. Hygge definition is "a feeling or moment which one describes as cosy, content, charming or special. 

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Stanley the amazing knitting cat by Emily MacKenzie

 With school holidays now underway on both sides of the border, mums everywhere may well be wondering about things to do in the holidays.  Here are a few "woolly" holiday activites for kids......

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Fair isle sketch pad I recently took a short trip on an aeroplane and took my sketch pad with me.  At this time of year when I’m busy designing the new range for Autumn and Winter it’s permanently by my side. Even for an hour, it was a rare treat to have completely uninterrupted time to work on new ideas for fair isle patterns. And unexpectedly I also appeared to provide entertainment for those around me who watched with interest as single motifs were combined into rows and then bigger patterns. I’m now looking forward to a long-haul trip I have planned as I may find that time out of my office is very productive indeed!

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Sunset at Inverugie  Last week saw devastating floods across Aberdeenshire. Luckily, although we are next to the River Ugie, we are high above the flood plain with no chance of flooding. On Friday we woke up to a lake of water in front of us (where normally there is none). Due to the amount of rainfall local roads were cut off due to standing water and elsewhere in the region many homes were flooded. Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by flooding across the UK over the last few weeks.

On a positive note, I’d like to thank all the staff at Royal Mail Peterhead who continued to do an amazing job. Despite all the road closures they continued to both deliver and collect meaning to our surprise there was no disruption to our normal dispatch routine.

Of course the unique Scottish water is one of the ingredients which combine to make our Scottish garments truly special as they are finished, ready for sale. I’ve used a picture of one of the gorgeous sunsets we are regularly treated to in this part of the world as the elements can be harsh but also beautiful.

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FEI European Eventing Championships Well, we are now officially in Autumn.  Even the weather appears to know. As I write this the rain is thundering down, a departure from yesterday's sun when the farmer was in the field next to us ploughing for winter crops.

The new season brings a lot to look forward to.  Over the last few weeks we've added small fairisle accessories and launched a couple of new Harris Tweed wash bags, a smart bottle bag perfect for gift giving and a new cross body bag called the Kimberley.

Our knitwear will launch in the next few weeks......but first we have our biggest pop-up shop to date at the Blair FEI European Eventing Championships in Perthshire next week. Unlike previous pop-ups we are able to take a much bigger selection of our range and will have new 2015 collection not currently available on the website. Why not come along if you happen to be within reach of Blair Atholl? This year gates open on Wednesday 9th with FREE entrance on the first day. There will be lots going on right up to Sunday 13th.  We hope to see you there!