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Fair isle knitting - a history

The Shetland Isles are the most northerly islands in the UK with Fair Isle being the most southern of these.  Knitting has always been important in these islands. Firstly out of necessity and then as an important trade commodity.  Read on to discover the history of knitting in the Shetland isles and about the evolution of the Fair isle style of knitting....

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Shetland silver sand beach

Shetland (the original home of fair isle knitting) has just been named by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 places in Europe to visit. With school holidays just around the corner, find out why travelling to the UK's most northerly isles is a great place to holiday with children as I run through my top 10 things to do.....

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love your clothes - sustainable fashion

When I started The Croft House 6 years ago, I had a very clear vision of the ethics behind the business. All these factors are based on the principals we now know as sustainable, slow or ethical fashion.

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I'm sure most of us have come across the Danish concept of Hygge although we may not know it's meaning. Hygge definition is "a feeling or moment which one describes as cosy, content, charming or special. 

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Stanley the amazing knitting cat by Emily MacKenzie

 With school holidays now underway on both sides of the border, mums everywhere may well be wondering about things to do in the holidays.  Here are a few "woolly" holiday activites for kids......

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Fair isle sketch pad I recently took a short trip on an aeroplane and took my sketch pad with me.  At this time of year when I’m busy designing the new range for Autumn and Winter it’s permanently by my side. Even for an hour, it was a rare treat to have completely uninterrupted time to work on new ideas for fair isle patterns. And unexpectedly I also appeared to provide entertainment for those around me who watched with interest as single motifs were combined into rows and then bigger patterns. I’m now looking forward to a long-haul trip I have planned as I may find that time out of my office is very productive indeed!