Posted on 14/11/2012 17:23 by Louise Hepworth.

dents logoWe are very proud to now have a small selection of Dents gloves in stock for men and women.

The history of this iconic, quality British brand can be traced back to 1777, when John Dent established his accessory company manufacturing fine leather gloves in Worcester, England.

Posted on 23/10/2012 17:12 by Louise Hepworth.

Monster mitts


With Halloween just a few days away, we all know how much kids like to dress up. Nowadays there are so many costumes available to buy but as a child I remember part of the fun was using anything we could find to cobble together a homemade outfit to go trick-or-treating in.  This creativity not only made for some very individual costumes but gave hours of fun and encouraged a passion for crafts which can extend into adulthood.