Posted on 29/05/2020 10:30 by Louise. Posted in Croft House Life

Fathers Day during COVID-19

I'm writing this post on the day that Scotland begins to ease its COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. For most of us the last few weeks have been hard. Lockdown rules have meant that this time has been used to reflect on what we truly value in life and has put into perspective the importance of family and friends for many.

As a small child I remember visiting my Grandparent's house every Saturday afternoon. The whole family would descend for a tea of homemade cakes and pies. The house was full to bursting and the garden was teaming with cousins playing hide-and-seek. As the world become less localised and people moved away for jobs elsewhere, for many families this way of life became harder to maintain. Over the last few weeks, Saturday afternoon has again become a time for family, this time the generations of the clan around the UK meet online to play quizzes and bingo. Something I never thought I'd see due to the busy lives we all lead.

Mother's Day 2020 fell on 22nd March in the UK this year. At that time, over 70's were already being asked to socially distance so for the first time there were many families who could not get together. This was the first big test of what was to come. The very next day the whole country was asked to go into Lockdown.

Father's Day this year falls on Sunday 21st June. Thankfully with the new guidelines many will be able to physically meet up with parents, all but at a distance and outdoors.... we all hope for good weather. For those that live further afield or must be socially shielded, more creativity may be required. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Use Zoom or Skype to host your own family reunion and play some games - make up quiz questions, download bingo cards, play charades. 

2. Share family recipes. Why not compile a cookbook?

3. Host a virtual BBQ or share a tipple online (favourite malt anyone?).

4. If you have kids who are still at home, why not have a stay-at-home adventure and camp in the garden? Go for a woodland walk close to home or if the weather's bad have a day of indoor challenges.

The most important thing is to have fun and make time for each other. Family is not something we should take for granted but something we should celebrate.


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