Posted on 02/08/2016 13:35 by Louise.

Stanley the amazing knitting cat by Emily MacKenzie With school holidays now underway on both sides of the border, mums everywhere may well be wondering what to do to entertain the kids.  My first steps into the land of wool were during school holidays as a very young child.  I had a “dolly bobbin” on which I’d use scraps of yarn to spool knit and make the longest cord I could.  Later I tried proper knitting.  I still have an old teddy wearing an irregular scarf full of dropped stitches which was one of my brother’s first attempts. Even if kids are too young to try crafting for themselves, there are loads of books about which feature knitting.  A favourite of my daughter is 1. “Stanley the amazing knitting cat” by Emily McKenzie.  And knitting isn’t just confined to books. You may have seen the character of “scarf lady” in cBeebies series “Sarah and duck” who has a whole room of yarn.  Click to see my list of wool related books for kids:

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