Posted on 18/10/2018 by Louise. Posted in Croft House Life

When I started The Croft House 6 years ago, I had a very clear vision of the ethics behind the business.  All these factors are based on the principles we now know as sustainable, slow or ethical fashion.

It’s no surprise that in this age of mass consumption that eventually our planet would object. The dirty secrets of the fashion industry have slowly been coming to light.  Whether it be the poor treatment and wages of workers in far off lands, or the pollutants leading to environmental damage and serious health problems in local populations which result. It’s got to stop.

It’s time we all became an ethical consumer and thought about our buying behaviour. The old adage “less is more” is definitely true – do we really need all this stuff? But this mindset also needs a shift. If we buy less, we need to buy better. We need to buy well made, quality items which are not made to last one season but are made to last many.

Do you question how and where your clothes were made?

I have always believed that The Croft House collection should be made in Scotland which not only supports traditional skills and local jobs but means the customer can be assured of good conditions for workers and strict environmental controls during manufacturing.

When I design the collection, I am also thinking about sustainability. Many of the jumpers and cardigans in the collection are produced as a seamless garment using modern technology. This is a zero-waste process as no yarn needs to be cut and discarded during sewing.

wool. a sustainable resource

We only use natural yarns of either wool or cashmere which as you would expect, are completely biodegradable. These are sourced from British mills.  You can also go a step further with our range of garments made using undyed wool.  Recently I’ve been investigating buttons with the aim of using only natural materials instead of plastic in the future.

Little changes to the way we shop can make a big impact on our World. It’s time to embrace a slower way of living.

View our range of Mens undyed jumpers here.

We also make our Womens chunky cuffed jumper and Womens chunky cowl neck jumper in undyed wool.