Posted on 26/03/2013 by Louise. Posted in Croft House News

Many of the items we sell are made using wool spun at New Lanark Mill which is situated in a South Lanarkshire Valley in southern Scotland. 

The mill opened in 1786 as a cotton mill and by the turn of the 19th century was one of the largest groups of mills in the world.  It was powered using water from the River Clyde. 

What made the mills so special was their link with social reform.  The owner created a model village in which to house the workers and opened the first infant school in the UK. For its time it was unusual as a clean and healthy industrial environment with a content and prosperous workforce.

Today New Lanark Mill has UNESCO World Heritage Site status and is open to visitors. Look out in our product pages for our Chunky knits made from wool spun at the mills today.