Posted on 26/10/2017 by Louise. Posted in New Products Croft House Life

I'm sure most of us have come across the Danish concept of Hygge although we may not know it's meaning. Hygge definition is "a feeling or moment which one describes as cosy, content, charming or special.  This doesn't have to be an extraordinary event but something as simple as enjoying time alone or with friends in a relaxed, comfortable environment."

Although the word may be Danish, in Scotland this idea of cosy time in the winter is certainly close to our hearts.  The Croft House is located at half the distance to Stavanger in Norway than to London and even Copenhagen in Denmark is closer.  We share long dark winters and light summer nights when we virtually see no darkness with our Scandinavian neighbours.

This feeling of cosiness was the inspiration behind our new ladies knitwear designs.  Chunky yarns give a feeling of cocooning which is further enhanced by details such as a generous cowl neck or deep turn-back cuffs.  Contrasting stitch patterns add extra interest to these hand framed jumpers.

We think that for effortless, comfortable yet stylish dressing these are the perfect go-to sweaters, leaving you to create your own moment of hygge.

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