Posted on 15/11/2018 by Louise. Posted in Croft House News

Scottish cashmere is the finest in the world but how is it produced and what makes it special? Read on to find out....

Cashmere is known as one of the finest and most luxurious fibres in the world. Cashmere fibres are produced by the cashmere goat which is native to the Steppe region of Mongolia, China and Afghanistan.  This region has very cold winters, so the goats produce a light, fluffy undercoat to keep them warm. As warmer weather returns in spring time this layer naturally starts to shed.  It's at this time that cashmere fibres are gently combed out to turn into luxury cashmere yarn
So, what is Scottish cashmere? Cashmere goats are not found wandering around the Highlands! For generations the very best raw cashmere fibres have been sourced and taken back to Scotland to be processed into Scottish cashmere. Low priced cashmere garments are now easily found on the high street and are often associated with fast-fashion brands. Low cost cashmere uses inferior raw material which may contain short, coarse, thick or dark fibres which need to undergo chemical processes of bleaching and softening to give the finish expected of high-end cashmere. Although the garments initially feel soft and luxurious, these chemical processes weaken the fibres which results in a shorter lifespan.  Scottish cashmere is handled in a much gentler way in order to minimise chemical processes and handling. Combined with the unique soft Scottish water used in this process, the resultant yarn is of much higher quality. And with the natural crimp of the fibre undamaged, the resultant yarn retains its fluffiness giving superior warmth and softness.
Most of us want to give special gifts at Christmas time so it is no wonder that people turn to a luxury yarn such as cashmere to give to loved ones.  With a wide range of products on offer such as cashmere gloves and cashmere socks, it's easy to gift a little piece of luxury regardless of your budget. This season our new cashmere fingerless gloves have proved very popular. If your budget is a bit bigger, a pure cashmere scarf is a gift most of us would love to receive.
If you plan to buy cashmere this Christmas, do take a moment to think about how your cashmere has been produced. Now you know the story of Scottish cashmere perhaps you should buy the best and ditch the rest!
Our Womens Scottish cashmere collection can be found here > Cashmere Shop. We also have a range of cashmere accessories for men.